“Candice was the chief designer on several large complex projects at NBC and CNBC, where I was the project manager. While at BAM Studio she conducted the design and team meetings with professionalism and excellent customer communication. Candice was sensitive to client needs and always had a punctual turnaround on projects. Several tight deadlines were required and Candice led the design team to come through. I would highly recommend her.”

John De Soto, DeSotoStudio, principal

“For four years, I worked closely with Candice on various projects and on two key accounts. She has a passion for sustainable design and an insatiable desire to find new, innovative solutions for her clients. She is thorough in her research, careful in her selection, an expert multi-tasker, and always acts as a true professional throughout the design process. It was a pleasure working with her and she was an integral part of their team.”

Casey Baxter, A&D, regional sales manager

“Candice is a dedicated team player, willing to put in the time and effort necessary for successful projects. She juggles multiple deadlines with aplomb and has an eye for material and color. Candice and I worked together at BAM Studio for over four years. During this time, Candice developed management skills, design and drafting skills as well as close relations with clients and vendors.”

Brian Spence, AIA, LEED AP, BAM Architecture Studio, architect and founding principal

“Candice worked with me at BAM Studio for over three years. During her time there she had an amazing impact on the design quality and uniqueness of our projects. She handled deadlines and project budgets with extreme efficiency. She pays careful attention to detail and has a great eye for improving the designs of our projects. Candice is highly respected by her co-workers for her willingness to help anyone anytime she can and she has demonstrated a great deal of leadership skill in her position as lead interior designer. She has been instrumental in keeping BAM at the forefront of design in NYC. She is very well organized, diligent in her work, easy to get along with, and always available to her coworkers.”

Benjamin Mason, OATH, deputy operations manager

“Candice is an experienced and versatile designer, and collaborated with me on many architecture and interior design projects over a period of years. Candice has extensive experience in project management, and has the knowledge and ability to unite architectural and interior design disciplines within a given project. She is a savvy communicator, and is at ease dealing with product representatives, contractors, clients and engineers. When approaching a design, she is quick to assemble necessary information, understand the problem and develop a solution. She has an exhaustive knowledge of contemporary materials, methods of construction and technologies, including sustainable design practices. Her designs demonstrate her ability to read a client and create an aesthetic that is both sophisticated and appropriate. She treats her staff with respect and encourages them to be their best.”

Eric Schneider, HTO Architect, project architect

“Candice is top notch. She’s super organized, prompt, professional, and has a unique way of taking ideas or images that you have stuck in your head and making them into tangible things. She did an amazing job with the Lloyd Taco Factory.”

Chris Dorsaneo, CFA lloyd Products, Inc., founder

“I had the privilege of working with Candice as part of an architecture-interior design team for three years. During that time, I learned Candice has exceptional talent and passion for interpreting client’s hopes, expectations and functional needs. Her creative solutions always achieve both appropriateness and clearly enviably designs. She taught me much about high-quality, current styles and products, and how they can be melded into one very comfortable yet inspirational environment for living, working and entertaining. I look forward to seeing and experiencing more of Candice’s creative design work!”

Michael J. Chadwick, AIA, Islako Development Corp, Director of Architecture