Hyatt Place


Skalo Development Corp. contracted with Candice to serve as interior designer for the company’s new Hyatt Place hotel in the Village of Williamsville. Candice coordinated between the company’s architecture, construction and design teams, under the leadership of Paul Iskalo and director of architecture Michael Chadwick. The hotel presented unique design challenges, given the brand’s still-evolving design standards. The team developed the project from a design standards package that detailed all furniture, color and treatment options. Because this site was one of Hyatt Place’s pilot locations, Candice and the team were given latitude to adapt and customize elements with corporate approval. The team initially decided to customize only the exterior, to be more inclusive of the Williamsville village aesthetic. Work was nearly completed when Hyatt Place instituted an updated interior design standards package, forcing the Iskalo Development Corp. team to adapt, though the project was also slated to be completed in a record turnaround of a few months.




Candice began by finding every opportunity to customize pre-approved design options, using colors and patterns to put a local, unique touch on interior and exterior spaces. Designs needed to incorporate already-purchased furniture from the pre-existing design standards and associated color palette. Merging two design concepts was a challenge, but Candice’s innovative thinking married the two cohesively, with the goal of creating an upscale presence that would offer longevity and timelessness. Guest rooms were largely untouched from Hyatt corporate style standards, but Candice implemented a rich, custom carpet feel and aesthetic in the hallways, and updated bathroom finishes in all guest rooms. In the lobby, her “modern transitional” concept married organic, natural textures with mission-style design elements, as a nod to Buffalo’s artisan and architectural heritage. Photos of Buffalo also helped to localize the aesthetic. Custom design touches wove the design story elsewhere on the property, from the exterior lounge area to the serene tile work in the pool and hot tub.



All design choices were made to present the best possible design given the two distinctive Hyatt interior standards, while infusing local touch. A unique circumstance and challenge, the final designs were enthusiastically approved by Hyatt’s corporate design team. The property now feels and functions as a native hotel concept that belongs in Williamsville. This hybrid design was realized successfully and on time, thanks to the merits of Candice’s creative and flexible design work process, the support of the Iskalo Development team, and the collaboration with Hyatt.



“I had the privilege of working with Candice as part of an architecture-interior design team for three years. During that time, I learned Candice has exceptional talent and passion for interpreting client’s hopes, expectations and functional needs. Her creative solutions always achieve both appropriateness and clearly enviably designs. She taught me much about high-quality, current styles and products, and how they can be melded into one very comfortable yet inspirational environment for living, working and entertaining. I look forward to seeing and experiencing more of Candice’s creative design work!”

––Michael J. Chadwick, AIA, Islako Development Corp, Director of Architecture