Fresh Catch Poke


The challenge was partially in the introduction of a new food concept to the area, Poke.  With this, the inspiration for the space was taken from the fresh ingredients used in the food.  The client also had a strong request that the space not to feel like the usual fast casual environment.  His other requests were emphasis on natural materials and to continually visually highlight this importance of the fresh food ingredients.  




Much consideration was taken into conceiving the flow – not only did the client request the space be upscale and but comfortable for all guests, even with the emphasis on takeout business.  This was resolved using the natural material screens as a separation for the sometimes-bustling line from the central dining room. These are also a nod to the seaside food element of the Poke bow and the painted thatch panels also are an acoustical control feature.  



Part of the solution was through the repeated use of natural warm materials and the bright coral color of the salmon and the blue of the water are a repeated pop in the space, tying it back again to the food itself.

With minimal back of house storage, integrated wood full height cabinets not only provide a warm material background but also fill the clients need for extended storage.

Thoughtful placement of branded items including the ingredient locator map helped to solidify the color pallet and the unique modern east meets west coast addition to this area.