HGTV House Hunters Renovation


Candice served as the designer and project manager for the Buffalo shoot of HGTV’s House Hunters Renovation, produced by Pie Town Productions. She was chosen by design producer Michael P., from Buffalo home store room. Candice was responsible for all of the work produced by the general contractor, subcontractors and vendors, and for managing every material used and dollar spent. It was a highly collaborative process with the unique challenge of having to design great-looking interior spaces that would work on camera as well as in person. The production schedule was complicated, with a super-fast turnaround.

The client expressed an interest in maintaining the house’s architectural integrity while integrating modern accents and updates. The design needed to merge their love of art and architecture, to celebrate the couple’s love for the City of Buffalo, and to keep as much of the existing wood details intact.





Candice introduced several space-saving and innovative solutions to help visually maximize the space, call attention to native design features, and introduce new elements that would update the home for the 21st century. Flooring was installed at an angled pattern to visually widen the narrow living room. Salvaged wood and smooth concrete created crisp, new lines. Closed and open cabinetry introduced contrast. Pops of color integrated with the client’s own art and the space’s new color palette. In all of these details (and many more), the space took on a new look that marries art deco and midcentury modern aesthetics.

Candice worked alongside a number of key collaborators to help see the project through, including: concrete by Solid716, cabinets by Wrafterbuilt, lighting by Emerson James, select furniture from room, construction services by FTH Enterprises, flowers by Arrigo’s Flower Shop, and photography by Cody Osborne.



All of the client’s main design requests were met with favorable results. Their home retained the integrity of the existing architecture and handsome features, while interjecting playful modern accents and unexpected details. The project was completed on time and on budget, and created an exciting and energetic episode of television. This unique experience also gave Candice the opportunity to reconnect with the local craftspeople and colleagues in the busy Buffalo design community; these were the seeds of Boxcraft’s birth.